Designing A Task Manager Dashboard for Sneaker Resellers


Design, Brand Identity

The Challenge

Fuad is the creator of the Plugbot. After being a long time sneaker enthusiast, he began to realize how lucrative the market had become. Sneaker culture is culture. Sneakers are hip hop and fashion and everything trendy. What was once relegated to the fringe few is now an essential part of popular culture.

The Solution

User Experience

We started this project with a clear list of requirements. Fuad and team had already done the heavy lifting of auditing the market and identifying the core surfaces needed. The Sneakerbot industry has matured to the point where there are clear standards and expectations for all bots.

Visual Design

To craft the visual design of the product, we went through a brand attributes exercise. We presented the client with a series of prompts to help them articulate how they wanted their brand to be perceived.

Product Naming

Once we finished on the design, we also worked with the client to name their product/company. Names are delicate. They say who you are to the world. Your name is how you will be remembered. Many people make this decision arbitrarily, but when you’re serious about your business it’s important to think through those kinds of decisions with some intellectual rigor.

  • Then we discussed the brands traits, adjectives, and sentiments. Much of this pulled from the previous visual design exercise. This defined our lexicon and shared vocabulary.
  • Once we had our foundation, we then thought through how we can make the brand feel of the community. We brainstormed several terms and slang from sneaker culture that resonated with brand or had strong positive association/recall.
  • By now, we had all of our inputs. Now it was time to see how we could turn those inputs into a memorable name. There are many different types of names you can create for a product. From something that is playful to something completely random. We outlined all the potential categories then created naming alternatives that mapped to each.
  • Does it sound good? ✅
  • Is it easy to read/pronounce? ✅
  • Can you use it in multiple sentences? ✅
  • Is quick association positive ✅
  • Does it sound credible? ✅
  • Is it memorable? ✅
  • Does it relate to your positioning? ✅
  • Can we get a domain for it? ✅
  • Does it feel cool? ✅
  • Is it easily understood? ✅
  • Is it on-brand? ✅
  • Does it communicate the purpose from the get go ✅
  • Does it make you nervous? ❌

Logo Design

Once we landed on the brand and product name, it was time to pen a logo — one mark to capture it all. Our goal was to design a logo that played off of the brand name, was fun, and communicated what the product was.

  • Cultural relevance
  • Symbolism
  • Versatility

Marketing Design

In the marketing materials, we zoomed in on one of the most magic moments for our audience: the moment you tear open your box and see your new shoes in person. There are no words to truly capture what that moment really means. So we wanted to design marketing assets that foreshadowed that moment visually.

Parting Thoughts

This project was a nice trip down memory lane, with a twist. As we’ve mentioned before, one of the things that makes our studio unique is that we are entrepreneurs by trade. We’ve actually been there in the trenches building a business from 0 to 1. This project was special because our first breakout success as entrepreneurs was in the sneakerhead industry. We built a strong brand in the space by creating viral content and designing one-of-a-kind products just for that audience. So this project felt like a coming home that allowed us to pull from our past experiences to tackle a new challenge. We had a lot of fun along the way too.

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