Designing a Ridesharing App for Kids


Product Design

The Challenge


Scoopt gives people access to a wide variety of transportation services from one app, including: bikes, scooters, luxury cars, large vehicles, and shared rides.


Up until now these services have only been available to those 18 and older. Children and teens under 18 have not been able to use the app.


The team wanted to create a product for this part of the U18 market.


Define the end-to-end product experience and integrated marketing campaign.

The Framework Created to Address the Problem.

User Research

User Segments
People Problems
Market Dynamics


Pre-Launch Coordination
Measurement Plan
Risks and Mitigation


Positioning Framework
User Journey
Product Solutions


Strategy and Tactics

The Problem Is

It’s against policy to give rides to unaccompanied minors, although research shows minors still use the services alone bc public transportation isn’t always available.

For some parents, keeping up with work and student activities requires an extra set of wheels.

With increasing demands on working couples, a growing number need to transport their kids so they can keep up in a culture that thrives on extracurricular activities and extra hours at work.

The Key User Segments


The purse and primary decision maker


The passenger that with unique safety needs that requires extra care


The trusted caregivers transporting kids from A to B


Ride Scheduling

Ride Booking

Parent Live Video

Post Templates for Social Media

Story Templates for Social Media

Illustration Styles

One Pagers for Education, Partnerships, Sales



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